Linelle Stepto is an artist practicing on the North Coast of NSW and in Sydney Australia. Her practice embraces & reflects professional studies at Sydney University & RMIT in Melbourne. Her work explores the natural world as a factor in the development of cultural identity, using iconic flora & fauna to present narrative displays that ask the viewer to consider the direction of our global future.

Research at Sydney College of the Arts and a residency in Canada are behind recent work which explores the animal/human relationship. Distinctions between human and animal are deeply political and ethical, and as with all distinctions regarding the Other, always applied in exploitation. Promoting understanding of the Other, including the Animal Other, may allow a less destructive and more sustainable way of being in the world into the future, so that we can all have a future.

Mixed Bunch

Say It With Flowers (Mixed Bunch), 2006, cane toad skin, feral cat skin, florist wire